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Each and EVERY notary signing is VERY important to Mobile City Notaries. 

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Whether you have no time to search for a notary...

...or you need help obtaining a California apostille for your foreign-bound documents, you WILL NOT find a more reliable, reasonably priced mobile notary and apostille service from Twin Towers to Long Beach County Jail to Irvine to Pitchess Mobile City Notary will be there.

You get the expertise of a California notary certified as a Notary Signing Agent PLUS the convenience of having a California notary available for Los Angeles County jails.

 Here are some of the documents we regularly work with:

  • Affidavits of Every Variety
  • Certification of Document Copies (by the document custodian/owner)
  • Compliance Forms for inmates
  • Divorce and Separation Agreements
  • Loan Packages and other Bank Documents
  • Power-of-Attorney Forms
  • Prenuptial/Premarital Agreements
  • Trusts and Wills

County jail system

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department operates the largest jail system in the United States. The Los Angeles County Jail provides short-term incarceration services for all of the County (including cities like Los Angeles, Glendale, Burbank, and Long Beach which have their own police departments). The Men's Central Jail (MCJ) and Twin Towers Correctional Facility (TTCF) are located in a dense cluster northeast of Union Station that is next to the station's rail yard. The North County Correctional Facility (NCCF) is the largest of the four jail facilities located at the Pitchess Detention Center in Castaic, California. The other facilities are East Facility, North Facility, and South Facility.

Some of the newer contract cities like Santa Clarita and West Hollywood have never had police departments. When their city governments were founded, they took over what was formerly unincorporated land, but then contracted their police responsibilities right back to the county sheriff. Since the department already had substations in those areas anyway, the result was to maintain the status quo.[citation needed]

In contrast, Compton, California, used to have a police department, but in 2000, the city council voted to dismantle the troubled police department and become a contract city. Compton has been at times notorious for gang violence, especially during its recent history

Mobile Notary Public Five Step Business Growth Plan

Maybe youre just beginning your mobile notary public business and you'd like to learn steps to make it lucrative. Or possibly your company is already lucrative, but youd like to really make it more lucrative. How will you increase your notary business?

 This is a five-step plan that will help you build more business without investing more about advertising. The program is symbolized through the acronym FOCUS:

 1. Fine-tune your marketing message

 2. Optimize profits amounts

 3. Cultivate repeat business and recommendations

 4. Unite with proper partners

 5. Streamline your marketing activity

 Allows discuss each step in greater detail.

 1. Fine-tune your marketing message

 Why is your notary services stick out using their company notaries your prospects will find in online sites? If you're able to sum this up in 90 words or less, you've got a effective marketing message will increase the potency of your marketing efforts.

 To help you stick out out of your competition, your marketing message can stress items like:

 Special services you are offering, like loan signing or reverse mortgage signing

 Marketplaces you focus on serving, for example home loan signing companies, lawyers, or hospitals

 The geographic area you serve

 Conveniences you are offering, for example mobility, odd hrs, or hurry service

 Its important to maintain your marketing message short so that you can say it rapidly in conversations and kind it in a nutshell spaces on the internet and on cell phones. For this reason 90 words or less is a great guideline.

 2. Optimize profits amounts

 After you have an excellent-updated marketing message, technology-not only to optimize profits amounts. Profits amounts include:

 The amount of prospects you meet each week

 The number of the number of prospects you meet to the number of become clients

 The typical you get per client

 Well return to how you can boost the first number in steps 3 through 5.

 Your prospect-to-client conversion ratio will often increase from inserting your marketing message to your existing marketing activity. Make certain all of your verbal sales pitches, phone scripts, marketing literature, an internet-based promotion stresses your marketing message. You may also improve your prospect-to-client ratio by examining profits tactics, trying new tactics, and testing the things that work. For example, you may test which emphasis works well with opening your sales hype, whether phones or mail or Online marketing produce a better response, and just how many occasions normally it requires to follow-up having a prospect to obtain a response.

 You are able to boost the average you get per client by providing additional services for added costs, like loan signing.

 3. Cultivate repeat business and recommendations

 A different way to boost the average you get per client is as simple as creating repeat business, also is your very best marketing strategy. Your present clients know what you are, that which you offer, and what type of customer support you deliver. Its much simpler and fewer costly to encourage them to hire you again than to convince a brand new prospect to employ you, so it seems sensible to concentrate your promotion first in your existing clients before searching for new customers. Have a good listing of the consumer contact details, connect with them, and provide them incentives for using the services of you again.

 Your overall customers are also your very best sales pressure with the recommendations they can provide you with. In case your clients much like your service, theyll be prone to recommend you to definitely others they are fully aware who've similar needs, as well as their testimony will carry excess fat than advertising from someone it normally won't know. Encourage your customers to recommend others they are fully aware who may need the services you provide, request them when they know anybody who needs the services you provide, and provide them incentives for mentioning others for you.

 4. Unite with proper partners

 Recommendations from proper partners are another cost-effective method for you to achieve new prospects. Unite with proper partners who connect to your target audience in ways that doesn't contend with you. For example, since loan signing information mill a significant mobile notary market and also have a close relationship with property firms, you may offer local property firms a commission for that first couple of projects you receive from recommendations they provide you with to loan signing companies in your town.

 5. Streamline your marketing activity

 Finally, streamline your marketing activity by concentrating on the marketplaces and media that will take you the greatest results. Identify specific industries, geographic areas, and firms you need to serve. Gear your web marketing activity towards individuals specific marketplaces, emphasizing your target industries and geographic area in your website as well as in directory entries. Obtain specific contact details for that appropriate company personnel when marketing yourself by telephone, direct mail, or email. Remember to stress your fine-updated marketing message in most your marketing efforts, and monitor which marketing techniques and angles work good for you.

 Putting these five steps into practice provides you with leverage over a few of the important aspects that may multiply the development of the mobile notary public business. You'll find yourself delivering a far more focused marketing message, improving is a result of profits and marketing efforts, and becoming more business.